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We evaluate your business needs and create software solutions for your business.

Time and Attendance with access Control

Total access control and time & attendance solutions.

Recent Works

Created a Contract tracking solution.
This allows the customer to not only keep track of accompanying documents but also remind him of contract renewals.

We built a web based software solution to assist the restaurant industry
This solution allows the customer to order directly from their mobile device what he want to eat and prints the order directly to kitchen.
Many other features are included such as assistance call and viewing nutritional information to name a few.

Built a website for a niche market that is literally flourishing in spring.
We are proud to be part of this new venture and will continue to develop the site as time progresses.

Welcome To Formulate


Formulate is a young startup Technology company that is based in Cape Town South Africa, founded by Werner van Tonder in 2014. The Information Technology realm is so vast that we try to focus on a few key aspects in order not to lose focus on what is important to us and our customers. We specialise in Time & Attendance / Access Control, Software solutions custom made to your specific needs and partnering with our sister company - marketing using innovative methods to engage the public.


We focus on these categories:


We develop and design bespoke software that revolves around your business practicess. We consult and advise you on how you can smooth out any kinks you might have in your business processes. Custom software solutions often ends up cheaper than customizing out the box solutions because we understand your business better than a generic software suite.

T&A / Access Control

Time and Attendance can become tricky when you have other more important things to do. We can assist you by implementing hardware and software solutions to automate time keeping as far as possible. We understand that access control is a necessity and security is the key word when dealing with access control. Our hardware solutions slot in with an easy to use software interface. With years of extensive experience and reliable partners to back us up, we are confident of our product offerings.

Web Design

Web design has evolved a lot during the past few years. Responsive web designs are now an essential part of what we offer. We do not do the generic round the mill websites. We cater for specific needs that you may have, including data driven web applications. We have a team ready to assist your web needs to give you a quality product.

Marketing with a twist

By harnessing our sister companies "Photo Bomb" platform, we have created a unique interactive marketing strategy for brand awareness and product activations. We can assist in surveys, targeted foot traffic in shops and shopping centers and a lot more. This is an exciting new avenue that we ventured on and expect to set the trend for future marketing campaigns.



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Formulate Colchester Crescent, Cape Town, South Africa

Phone: (021) 556-9544

Phone: (082) 679-6111